Visual Novel Ankündigungen auf der Anime Expo

Vergangenes Wochenende fand in Amerika die Anime Expo statt. Die Chance haben diverse Unternehmen genutzt um neue Anime oder Lizenzen anzukündigen. Auch die Visual Novel Szene hat nicht geschlafen und somit wurden einige neue Titel angekündigt. Daher hier nun die neuen Titel in den Portfolios von MangaGamer, Sekai Project, Denpasoft und JAST.


Magical Marriage Lunatics

Developer: Moonstone


Life for Yuta Ushio was fairly normal. Well, aside from constantly being spirited away to other worlds as a kid. But that was a worry past––or so he thought until several women from different worlds sprung up alongside a new house that appeared in his backyard, each women claiming to be his fiance! With a proud vampire, a shy succubus, an open, honest tenko, a benevolent goddess, a tranquil witch princess, and his childhood friend all competing for Yuta’s hand in marriage, he won’t know peace again!


Developer: Alicesoft


In a world where monogamy is ordained by the goddess, Mother Eve, those who would forsake her teachings or murder others lose her protection and become Outlaws, cursed with the inability to create or produce anything from their own efforts. But if a pair of twin sisters catch your fancy, there’s still one hope – become a powerful, heroic Knight and gain the exceptional right to marry more brides! Determined to score with both twins, Asterisk sets off to become great enough to marry many women! What adventures await him as he explores the world of Evenicle? What quests will he undertake for those he meets? Will he save the world? Create his harem? Possibly both?!

The Most Forbidden Love in the World

Developer: Hermit


Sometimes the world can be a harsh place, as 28-year old Osamu learns when he’s wrongfully fired from his company. Jobless, penniless, and hopeless, he decides to take a stranger up on her kindness––only to find she’s eloped and left the boarding house she invited him to in the hands of her daughter, Mitoko. Mitoko isn’t the only quirk of the boardinghouse though. There’s also his forward new coworker, a scheming and wealthy young neighbor looking out for her friend, and Mitoko’s own homeroom teacher, who’s been having trouble with men in her private life. Can Osamu deal with all the eccentric women at his new place? Does he really have a choice? He’s courting misfortune and misery, but will that truly be all he finds in his new home? Enjoy a tale filled with romance, drama, and comedy!

Space Live

Developer: Circus


Over 200 years in the future, humanity has abandoned reality and chosen to upload themselves into Net Space, a digital, interconnected world, divided into several factions surrounding different idols who compete every four years to win followers to their side.There’s Macro Space’s Ai E, a hardworking, easily flustered girl trying to regain her lost position; Goggle Space’s G Chrome, a logical competitor using her wealth and data troves in a bid to secure the lead; Mosaic Space’s Higitsune, a haughty, elusive idol enjoying the competition itself; Ai Space’s Sarifa, an eloquent fashionista willing to bet it all; and Luna Space’s Tsukikage, a minor idol hoping to finally gain some recognition.


Developer: MangaGamer


Featuring Itaru Hinoue, the lead artist for AIR, Kanon, Clannad, and Rewrite, this new title Koropokkur will tell the tale of a young fairy and her journey to become human and fall in love.

Set in modern Akihabara, this heartwarming tale will feature many cute episodes as the heroine helps a young man save his cafe, all while struggling to avoid getting carried away by cats and birds when she accidentally reverts to her normal, miniature size. Will she ever manage to find love? Will she find what she needs to become human? Can she do it before her time runs out?

Sekai Project

NarKarma EngineA

Developer: Novectacle


Upon the distant surface dwells a race of humanoid beasts, in an adventure where you become both the hero and the final villain.

From the creator of the highly acclaimed House of Fata Morgana, comes a new breed of RPG.

Deep beneath the crust dwells a race of humanoid machines and in the strata dividing them, dreams of the dead conjure up phantoms of eras long lost to time. Traversing these forgotten realms, beast and machine cross paths, bringing upon both the threat of extinction. But only one will make it through alive.


Developer: VisualArts


Far away in the city of Kazamatsuri, forestation and floriculture has caused the city to become panorama of trees, flowers and plants. In this maze of greens and flora, there is still modern civilization found deep within, one which has grown accustomed to this new normal, and found a balance between the modern cityscape and the nostalgic outdoors.

In this town, Kotarou Tennouji finds himself gifted with the ability to “rewrite” any part of his body to increase his strength and speed. Along with the occult society at his academy, Akane Senri , Kotori Kanbe, Chihaya Ohtori, Lucia Konohana and Sizuru Nakatsu, Tennouji finds himself drawn to the mysteries of Kazamatsuri and seeks out answers, friendship, love and conflict in an ever evolving world around him.


Developer: Yuzusoft


„In the bittersweet night of this island city where vampires and humans co-exist, this story begins.“

In a specially zoned part of Japan is the island city of Aqua Eden, a place where gambling and other underground activities were sanctioned. On a mission to seek out romance in his life, Mutsura Yuuto accompanies his friend to this island to enjoy a nice vacation in Aqua Eden. These plans get disrupted as he witnesses a kidnapping! Unable to simply turn a blind eye, he gets involved and somehow gets turned into a vampire! Having been turned into a vampire, Yuuto is unable to leave and ends up having to live on the island … However, little did he know that this would only be the start of his story.

Yuuto ends up enrolling at the academy there where classes are taught in the dead of night and the contradictions to his common sense only create more confusion in him.

Denpasoft wird hier eine 18+ Version veröffentlichen

Senren * Banka

Developer: Yuzusoft


Deep in the mountain range, there exist a small village by the name Hoori. Secluded from civilization and unreachable by modern transport, the village can be interpreted as stuck far in the past. But it is this fact that has caused Hoori to become a hot spring paradise for the willing tourist. Among the springs and sights that enriches the rural town, a legendary katana is embedded in stone, spawning myths and legends for centuries; Murasamemaru. None have yet been able to wake the sword from its slumber and wield it as its new master.

That is, until Arichi Masaomi came along and broke the darn thing!

Not only that, but with this unforeseen set of events, the young man finds himself forced to take responsibility, responsibility in the form of marriage. His fiancé, a mysterious young woman, causes further chaos into Masaomi’s wife. With Murasamemaru in his hand, it seems that his life will never be the same again.

Denpasoft wird hier eine 18+ Version veröffentlichen

Ninja Girl and the Mysterious Army of Urban Legend Monsters ~Hunt of the Headless Horseman~

Developer: code;jp


In present day America, Kiri Hattori and Mary run a little Japanese café in the heart of a city suburb. During the day, these beautiful girls lead a shy life of cookies and tea, but during the night, they become hunters donned in ninja apparel. It just so happens that Kiri is descendant from ninja royalty, and Mary, well, she is a ghost. It seems that this world is not so normal upon a closer look. In this world, Dark Beings inhabit the night and threaten the life and safety of those who comes close to their wrath.

On a peculiarly stormy night, the girls offer room and food to a mysterious little girl stranded in front of the café. As if this was not enough, the night unfolds more mysterious as the Headless Horseman strolls into town. While the 3 girls grow closer on each passing day, it seems that the mysterious little girl, Lily, brings more than just questions and confusion with her to the little café.


Developer: Mawari Works


„How do you save a world that has already ended?“

Father Thompson knows the answer. By the power of God, he builds a Church overnight. He saves them all. All but one: Mario Chou is a homeless man who wishes to reclaim his childhood friend. Proclaiming himself as „The Light of Darkness,“ Mario vows to destroy Thompson’s Guiding Light with the power of friendship. The stalker. The occultist. The detective. The blessed one. These maidens of the real shall become magical girls!

Nanairo Reincarnation

Developer: Silky’s Plus Alpha


The summer heat is burning, as Kagami Makoto makes his way through his 3rd of college. While preoccupied with his studies, Kagami inherits his late grandfather’s house and makes the decision to live on his own given the circumstances. However, he is soon to discover that there lives a pair of young women in this house, Iyo and Kikyou, neither of whom cast a reflection and neither seems to be even visible to anyone but Kagami! This is actually due to Kagami possessing a skill known as reisha, an astral vision allowing him to see young girls who claim to be spirits. It turns out that Kagami did not inherit just a house, he also inherited a duty, a duty to serve and protect the many spirits that roam this town and guide them peacefully into their eternal sleep.

Inheriting a generations old duty, Kagami must make peace with this newfound responsibility an figure out his life, as he takes on the honor of the Kagami family lineage. But before he can get settled and come to terms with this revelation, an incident occurs that rocks the little spirit town to its core.

Denpasoft wird hier eine 18+ Version veröffentlichen

Island Diary

Developer: Watakubi


On an isolate island, a distant tropical wonder serves as home to the bear eared girl Momo. Despite the beautiful scenery in this seemingly idyllic paradise, she still experiences a sense of loneliness, as her only friends on this island are the cat eared Kuro and the rabbit eared Moka, however they have slowly been drifting apart from one another due to the existence of a certain diary. But one day, a young man wash ashore, unable to recall any detail of his past beyond his name thanks to a few of his belongings being with him. Momo discovers Ryou in his daze as he wakes up on the beach unable to grasp how he ended up in this strange little paradise, and with her help begins to shape together what is now to become his new life.

With the positive energy of Momo and the help of Ryou, the three girls and the lost young man find themselves building a new day on the solidary island together full of excitement and titillation.

Denpasoft wird hier eine 18+ Version veröffentlichen


Tenshin Ranman

Developer: Yuzusoft


Haruki has very bad luck. A lot of trouble always gathers around him, or does he invite trouble? One day, he receives a parcel. No sender name, no address. The only thing written on it is “creature”. He wasn’t expecting it. It’s a girl. According to her, she is a goddess and came here to remove his misfortune. Like this, she starts living at his house.

However, her personality causes various troubles, involving other people. Will he be able to live a fortunate life amid such a confusing situation? What is her purpose? Will his misfortune disappear?

Miko no Kanata: Curious Tale from the Shrine -Chapter Rin-

Developer: Fan-na


Miko no Kanata: Curious Tales from the Shrine -Chapter Rin- is the first part in the Miko no Kanata series. This traditional Japanese-style romance adventure tells the story of Kiryu Yuya, a young man who one day comes across Mikanagi Akiha, a mysterious girl.

Akiha is the spitting image of a miko (shrine maiden) who repeatedly appears in Yuya’s dreams and takes his life. Nevertheless, he feels a strong sense of fate in meeting Akiha. “It feels like we’re finally meeting each other…Yuya-san.” These words Akiha speak show her strong fascination in Yuya and they soon fall in love with each other…

However, Akiha’s old sister, Koharu who is also a miko lets him in on a startling revelation. “Akiha-chan… is not someone from this era.”

This is a tale of a young woman’s love which surpasses the infinite bounds of a millennium. A tragic tale of shrine maidens of battle and the fate imposed upon them. And the followers of darkness who seek to rampage through the world of night…

Will these strong feelings that Yuya and Akiha have for each other be enough to bring them together?

Real Life Plus Ver. Kaname Komatsuzaki

Developer: Fan-na


Real Life Plus Ver. Kaname Komatsuzaki is a game that lets you enjoy life interacting and growing up with Kaname Komatsuzaki, a childhood friend of protagonist, Kouichi. The game is strewn with short segments that explore their relationship with the choices made at each step which alter their lives as they spend their youth with each other.

Koi ga Saku Koro Sakura Doki

Developer: Palette


It is spring, cherry blossom season. A time of first meetings and partings, a time when buds are sprouting. For Mihaya Academy 2nd year student, Asaba Yuma, it was a gloomy day.

There was a bounty of 21,000 yen (including tax) on his head. Yuma was treated by the girls at the academy as something of a love expert as they would go to him for all their troubles. And it is for his talent that a love bounty was placed on him. Girls would come to him for all sorts of advice whether it was jealousy or infidelity and hearing all of this just gave him less and less of an interest in love at all.

Then one day, a mysterious girl came up to him. She had never fallen in love before. But, she believed that it was something wonderful. That girl had something of a mysterious job.

Do you want to fall in love?
As a fairy of love, she will make his love come true.


Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai!

Developer: Minato Soft


Kawakami City is famous for its strong dedication to its samurai ancestors. A strong fighting spirit is always valued and it’s even an important factor in succeeding in school there.

Yamato, a second year student from Kawakami Highchool is always with his close friends (4 boys and 3 girls). They have known each other since they were young and have done loads of things together. They have many other friends, but this seven people is a close-knit group, they even have a secret base where they meet…

With the new semester, they welcome two girls into their group and shortly after things start to change…

Machine Child

Developer: Oyari Ashito


In a faraway time, in a faraway place, a lucky merchant acquires a miraculous machine, said to bring infinite wealth and good fortune to anyone who uses it…

As the player, your goal is to raise a „Machine Child,“ a girl born from a mysterious device. Your choices shape her strengths and weaknesses, personality and relationships, and ultimately her future. Will she become a beloved singer? A skulking assassin? It all depends on you.

Aww yeah, Majikoi! Endlich. Ich hoffe dazu kommt dann auch ein bisschen Merchandise. Insgesamt aber wieder viele interessante Titel dabei. Je nachdem, wie schnell die raus kommen, könnte das durchaus noch ein gutes Jahr werden oder zumindest ein ziemlich gutes Jahr 2018. Zumindest schon einmal, was den Lesestoff angeht.